Friday, April 27, 2012

My Life is Realistic

I succeeded in completing Project Manchester and arrived in Aberdeen on April 9th and stayed there until April 12th.  While I was there I got to meet some great people and decided to head to Stilring after in order to see Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Monument. When I arrived at Stirling I was unable to find the hostel I was supposed to stay at so I ended up in the first one I could find, The Willy Wallace Hostel and was planning to stay in Stirling, spending a day each in Glasgow and Edinburgh (for some reason this city is pronounced Eh-din-brah), until I left for Manchester for the GP.  On the Friday before the GP I had a choice of working on something that meant a lot to me or going to the GP and I chose the former.  Things ended up going pretty well and I really enjoyed it here (as well as having no real reason to return home right away) so I took a reception position at the hostel and decided to stay here for another month or so and I'm really glad I did (and you should all come visit me obv).

You can find an album with a bunch of the cool stuff I've done on facebook and I'll update it again when I'm not lazy one day.  

Since I'm not in the states I also decided to start playing online poker and wanted to give SNGs a try so I read Moshman's book and took some notes (feel free to correct me/add) and after browsing the 2p2 boards it was recommended I give hyperturbos a try.  So for around 3ish hours yesterday I 2-tabled hypers, got around 50 games in and ended up down 6 buyins (started at the $1.50s).  I think I don't even come close to having the hang of it yet so I'm going to post some stats images so you can try to help tell me what I'm doing wrong:

So, that's my life update for now, you can always reach me on facebook and I turned my tumblr into an AMA if you're bored  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surviving the Judge Call: A Corollary to My Article

OK, just a quick not that I should have added to the article itself:

When you call a judge for a strategic call, DO NOT LIE.  As long as you're honest and admit when you noticed the trigger originally and why you didn't call a judge then you're fine.  However, if you lie and say you just noticed or something equally untrue you will be DQed for lying to a judge which is a DQ even if the fundamental action that started the investigation is legal.