Friday, June 8, 2012

Chris Tries to Play Poker, Post 1
Random $7 6max hyperturbo. The guy to my left when 6-handed was xartist, who is on the leaderboard for the stakes and the rest are randoms

Hand 3 I should have just raised over shove, but to how much? Thinking 80-100, but no idea.

Hand 19: How would you play it there post flop?

Hand 24: His call was disgustingly bad, :(

Hand 28: If your BB, what's your calling range here? Can you ever call with anything less than KK, AA even if you know villian is shoving ATC. Both other stacks are corpses.

Hand 31: Was this a bad call?

Hand 34 was a misclick, meant to shove, but wrong hotkey.

Hand 35: Should I have just called instead of keeping SB out of the hand? Should I have been in this at all?

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